6 Essential Android Apps for Expecting Mothers

May 17th, 2010 by Clay Leave a reply »

Even if you’ve read “What to expect when you’re expecting, for sale ” you may not expect all the Android Apps available for Moms-to-be. Pregnancy has never been so modern. Here are the top 6 Android Apps for pregnancy.

  1. Basal Body Temperature –  If you haven’t yet conceived, buy but would like to – there’s an app for that! Actually, patient the Basal Body Temperature app tracks information about your menstrual cycle (temperature, period) and creates a chart to help you estimate ovulation dates. It also allows you to share your chart by email, in case a certain gentleman needs a reminder.
  2. Pregnancy Health Guide – This android app will help you give your baby a healthy start by covering all topics associated with healthy pregnancies. Learn about AIDS and Pregnancy, Diabetes and Pregnancy, Genetic Counseling and different methods of Childbirth to name  a few subjects covered.

  3. Women’s Health – This just-for-girls app covers the essentials women need to know to maintain their health and understand their bodies from adolescence, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond. It covers all health conditions that commonly affect women as well as pregnancy-specific information on breast-feeding and delivery methods.</li>

  4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret – Just because you’re eating for two doesn’t mean you have to deep-six your diet. With this Calorie Counter Android app, you can be sure to eat enough for both of you without going over the edge. It has a barcode scan, a restaurant search, popular brands, supermarket brands and a food and exercise diary.

  5. Hospitals Near Me – This app locates the closest hospitals to you, wherever you happen to be. There’s no need to fear traveling when you can find the distance, directions, and phone number of the nearest hospitals no matter where you are in the U.S.
  6. iStorkTalk – When you want to talk pregnancy, iStorkTalk is there for you. This pregnancy support system connects you to a community of women through online forums where you can ask and answer questions, share pictures, and read about others’ experiences.

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